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Practice Opening Hours

January 2023

Senta has taken a break for the end of 2022 over Christmas and Summer holidays. The practice reopens on the 10th January 2023. Look forward to supporting you through this year.

Winner in Annual Awards 2022, 2023

Delighted for Senta Sharp Counselling to receive the Most Dedicated Mental Health Counsellor 2022 Brisbane in the Annual Global Health and Pharmaceutical Awards 2022.


A difficult year for so many people, and a year of change for many as well. With a strong presence online, a little ingenuity, and flexibility by altering hours even when we have all been located around the globe, this Practice has been able to continue to support clients throughout Australia, in New Zealand, and on their travels abroad. We have also been fortunate to be in a position to keep in-person sessions available in Brisbane at Latrobe Allied Health in Paddington thanks to our clients and fellow practitioners all working to keep the rooms safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic.     

Final words 2022

As we closed out the year, we received some lovely news that Senta Sharp Counselling was awarded the Best Couples Counselling Service 2023 in the Annual Social Care Awards 2023, hosted by Global Health and Pharmaceutical. 

Following a really challenging couple of years, we have seen a lot of couples assessing the health of their relationships, and working hard to re-set, re-balance, address tensions and  situations not seen before in modern history with lockdowns, extended family separations, reduced support networks, grief, working from home, home schooling, job redundancies, to name just a few.  


It is hard work and brave for clients to come to Relationship Counselling, and it is a privilege to be invited and trusted to hold a safe space to delve into such sensitive and challenging work.    

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