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Professional Services and Health Services 
Ethics Consulting & Coaching


For 20 years, Senta has been a principal advisor to senior executives and high achieving individuals. Her primary focus as a consultant and coach is to candidly assess obstacles to change and bring insight and expertise in articulating problems and their solutions. 


She has consulted to large organisations in public and private sectors, tertiary education, and health sectors, specialising in defining strategic opportunities for communication and engagement.


She has advised many organisations on how to communicate with impact internally and externally, speak and write to influence and persuade; align staff with organisational goals; manage crises, conflict, and risk with principled negotiation; designed plans and managed major projects to help staff transition through change.


Professional Ethics Consulting

Senta has a particular interest in professional ethics and helping business and health professionals identify and resolve conflicts, and gain insight into cognitive, emotional, and behavioural issues that jeopardise professional registration, and supporting professionals through difficult transitions while assisting their development towards ethically competent practice.


In both consulting and coaching, Senta helps clients develop plans and programs tailored to clients' unique needs and objectives.


Senta coaches professional services practitioners, and staff in aged care and health care organisations, helping address underlying interpersonal issues such as unresolved grief and trauma, anxiety and depression, family ruptures, life and career transitions, and medical issues that strain performance and undermine success. 


She has an optimism and confidence in her clients' capabilities to overcome obstacles, and invests warmth, energy and support to show people how they can turn around “inevitable” circumstances and change, to keep on track, see plans through to completion, and achieve exceptionally positive experiences through all of life’s transitions to achieve real change.



She is well regarded for her philosophies of transparent communication, nurturing relationships, shaping positive communication cultures through engaging leadership, working with integrity, and the rights & responsibility for communication assertiveness to enhance work and personal experiences.


She has received high recommendations by clients and referees for her direct and honest advice, and much-valued communication counselling, as well as accolades for developing unique strategies in organisations to help transform their engagement globally.


Office, online, and on-site consultations

Based in Brisbane, Senta sees clients in person at Latrobe Allied Health, Paddington Central, Level 5, 107 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington 4064, as well as consulting online, and travels to consult, offer training and present throughout Australia.


Contact Senta to talk directly about your needs.

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