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Do you need to talk but can't get away from your work schedule or responsibilities?
Access high quality counselling services now, from right where you are.
Make an appointment today for counselling sessions that fit your lifestyle.

Counselling Services

Senta Sharp Counselling is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, offering counselling for young adults through to elderly end-of-life clients, and to

  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Other relationships  

In one-hour sessions you can talk privately and confidentially about any issue you are having. 


Face-to-face, in person sessions are available in my Brisbane counselling rooms at Paddington, Queensland.

Online counselling sessions from wherever you live - city, rural or remote region, anywhere in Australia, you can connect from where you are and have quality counselling sessions Monday to Friday. I also counsel clients wherever they are travelling to, who work internationally or fly-in-fly-out. Clients in the United Kingdom and Europe can make contact between 7am to 1pm GMT.     

Private Health Cover Provider for counselling

I am a registered Private Health Provider with Medibank, ahm, BUPA, Police Health, St Luke's Health, Phoenix Health Fund, Emergency Services Health. You may be able to claim a rebate from your Health Insurance Provider for your counselling sessions.

Work Cover Queensland Registered Provider 

Senta Sharp Counselling is a registered provider with Work Cover Queensland; I work with clients experiencing injuries, illness or mental health conditions and concerns that result from or are caused at work.  

If you have a work-related mental health condition, e.g. anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, trauma, or PTSD, and need counselling support to help you heal, recover, rehabilitate, and return to work, once you have a Work Capacity Certificate for Worker's Compensation from your GP, you can make a claim to Work Cover Queensland, and then I will work with you in counselling to help you on your hourney back to good health. 


Employee Assistance Programs

I am a Registered Provider with Modern Health Inc., San Francisco-based Psychology services company that offers counselling services throughout the world with leading companies. Counselling services through an employer-funded program ensures that counselling services can be accessible and affordable.


I also offer opportunities for small to medium sized business to independently contract with me to deliver counselling packages, counselling clinics and coaching services to employees, which can greatly enhance personal happiness for staff, which of course translates into productive workplaces. Employees who have sessions with me are exactly like private clients, with all the same confidentiality boundaries, except that sessions are funded by the employer.    


emotional man can feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane, Australia
family ruptures can be improved can feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane, Australia
concerned sad partner can feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane, Australia
Counselling for a broad range of issues including

  • Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks

  • Living with and understanding trauma, PTSD, agoraphobia and other phobias

  • Crisis debriefing

  • Addiction and dependencies

  • Couples, family, polyamory, other relationships

  • Grief, loss & bereavement

  • Fertility issues

  • Post-natal depression

  • Life-transitions – marriage, divorce, job and career changes, move to residential care

  • Gender identity

  • Lifestyle challenges  

  • Age-related and medical diagnosis adjustments

  • End-of-life support

  • Living with disability

  • support for chronic pain

  • Stress and work issues

  • Assertiveness, self-esteem and self-worth

  • Psychotherapy – longer-term support for complex issues and uncovering childhood or past issues

young person confused about sexuality pride identity can feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp CounsellingBrisbane, Australia
overwhelmed new mother suffering post natal depression can feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane, Australia
career transitions redundancy job loss fearful about future can feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane, Australia

Senta Sharp Counselling Online Sessions  

Online sessions are offered via Zoom, a private, secure way of having a high quality counselling visit wherever you are.


No travel, simply schedule a time for your session and we both connect via a video link on your computer, laptop or tablet. The only requirement is a good video and audio link and your own comfortable, quiet, private space. 

Online Counselling Appointments available now 

Online Sessions are available between 8am-7pm AEST  (7am-1pm GMT) Monday to Friday.

Contact by email, phone or online web form to make a booking.


To see the steps for joining and booking a session, and how to connect via Zoom go to client resources.


Counselling face-to-face, in the field & consulting 

If you would like your counseling session face-to-face, in person, you can visit Latrobe Allied Health, Level 5 Paddington Central, 107 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, in Brisbane.

In-person face-to-face counselling sessions in Brisbane available now. I see clients in person at Paddington on Thursdays 9am - 9pm. You can book your appointment now.

Appointments available within a week. No wait times, referrals or health care plans needed, just make contact directly by email, phone or through the contact form on this site. Contact

My online practice also is available Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm AEST. 


I make mobile residential visits to NDIS clients and some locations where there are a number of individuals having counselling, such as counselling for employers who need onsite visits for employees, crisis debriefing clinics, or a community that needs onsite counselling.  


I visit organisations, health care facilities, residential care places, retirement villages, nursing homes, and will set up a clinic in a space in community spaces when arranged.

The best place to set up counselling is somewhere quiet and private where it is comfortable, distraction-free and free of interruptions. 

Ask me what I can do for you. Connect with me now.



carer helps elderly lady in wheelchair into sunlit field for a positive outlook on life transitions can feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane, Australia
man working from home feeling isolated can connect and feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane, Australia
Constantly on the move for work with responsibilities and worries can feel better talking about problems at Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane, Australia
Coaching and Consulting

The Principal, Senta Sharp, is a very experienced and skilled communication specialist, and regularly consults to businesses and health practices and organisations, offering tailored coaching, business communication advice, ethics training, and assistance with professional relationships and crisis management. For more information on these services, go to Consulting & Coaching Services.

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