Identifying your concerns

Are you overcome by emotion, or finding it difficult to navigate your way through challenges in your life? Feel alone, sad, lost, angry, confused, frustrated, uncertain, overwhelmed, fearful?

Perhaps you have grief, are depressed or anxious, have experienced trauma or abuse, have medical issues, problems with relationships, have lost your drive and direction in work or life?


Possibly you feel you can't or don't want to talk to people close to you? 

Helping you understand your needs

I can help you. My approach is professional yet relaxed. I am professionally trained to help identify and understand your needs.

In our counselling sessions, you can share anything – what you are thinking, feeling, doing, what is working in your life, what isn’t. Tell your story and be heard and understood. I will really listen to what you decide is important and relevant.

Supporting you through your challenges

​Talking it through can help to lift the cloud. ​My aim is to help you cope with the challenges, conflicts and transitions in life, heal wounds that might stand in your way, overcome negative patterns of thinking and behaviour, and find solutions to problems.

Whatever it is, we can talk about it at your pace, make sense of your experiences, explore your options, and together find a better way forward.   

​Book an initial session to see how Senta Sharp Counselling can support you and help you get your thoughts and feelings into balance. Make Contact now. 

Senta Sharp Counselling is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, at Suite 13, 1b/47 Park Road, Milton, 4064, and with online sessions supports clients throughout Australia and the United Kingdom.

Do you have more questions about our practice and how it works? Read more on Common Questions Answered 

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