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Joining and booking a session 

Online sessions via Zoom

When you have an online counselling session with Senta Sharp Counselling, we will connect via Zoom, a high quality video and audio app that creates a secure and private counselling space . 

You can use any device for your counselling session - your phone, tablet, laptop or Personal Computer. 


Once your online counselling appointment is set up, you will receive a confirmation by email, with a unique meeting ID and password for your next session. 


You can download and install Zoom on your device any time before your appointment.


At the time of your scheduled counselling session, open your appointment confirmation email, and click on the 'join meeting' link. If you have not already downloaded Zoom, you will be prompted to install it at this time.  

Alternatively, you can go to and enter your unique ID meeting number to join the meeting.

Senta Sharp Counselling is located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, and clients can connect for online sessions between 8am-7pm AEST Monday to Friday or from 7am-1pm GMT if in the UK or Europe.

Make contact now 

two girls on laptop participating in video chat for their family therapy with Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane Queensland Australia is easy, private and confidential
man sitting at a desk with a large computer screen is ready for his private confidential online counselling session via zoom with Senta Sharp Counselling Brisbane Queensland Australia

Tips for your online counselling session

Set up your computer or phone on a level, stable surface so that your upper body and face can be clearly seen.

When you open the Zoom link for your session, you can test your video and audio - microphone and speakers. It is a good idea to do this briefly each time so that you are ready as soon as the counselling session starts.

If possible, wear earphones so that your audio is enhanced, and this also keeps what the counsellor is saying private, in the event that you are disturbed by someone unexpectedly.

Prepare for your counselling session by having a drink with you by the time your session starts and make yourself comfortable.


Open your link 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that you are settled and ready to chat when your counsellor starts the session.  

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